Blast From The Past 104 – Paging LAB 64!

Welcome to episode 104 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy review Erk’s weekend at a charity gig, talk the various weather extremes hitting Australia, Erk has some pub/hotel questions for Judy & more. Feature artist is LAB 64, one of the many artists that Erk saw live the previous weekend. Music supplied directly by the artist & used with permission.


On this episode:

  • Overview of Erk’s weekend at the Lucky Australian’s Queensland Floods Charity Gigs
  • MUSIC: Thousand Crow Drive – LAB 64 (direct)
  • Australian weather – floods, fires, cyclones, heatwaves
  • Perth fires overview
  • MUSIC: Smoke Detector/Life Protector – Rich Palmer (Podsafe Music Network)
  • Pub/hotel questions for Judy!
  • MUSIC: Ever-After – LAB 64 (direct)
  • More drinking stories
  • MUSIC: Graylock – LAB 64 (direct)

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  1. I think it’s pretty cool that Erk helped out at the big charity metal concert. Sounds like he had a good time.

    I’ve not yet had an incident where a barkeep took my drink away prematurely. Not really a big deal if it did happen as I’m almost always just drinking soda.

    Judy’s comment about how some girls dress to go to the bars these days rings true here as well. SLO is a college town and many of the ladies that go out to bars dress like they’re trying to impress someone. I can’t say that I totally mind it but sometimes it gets to be a bit ridiculous.

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