Erk Pod 299 – Hitler Learns That Erk Watched A Movie With Subtitles

Welcome to episode 299 of Erk Pod. On this episode, Erk talks about his book launch, does some housekeeping, watches some movies and more including Erk doing some karaoke. Erk is also looking for your input for next week’s episode 300!

On this episode:

  • Housekeeping
  • Book Launch
  • Next week’s episode will feature Erk being interviewed by Judy about A Moment In Time
  • By Any Means [IMDB] [YouTube Video]
  • Downfall [IMDB] [YouTube Video]
  • Erk does karaoke
  • MUSIC: Safety Dance – Men Without Hats


Erk Pod episode 299

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Duration: 64 minutes

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  1. Interesting to hear the Hitler movie dialogue (translated to English, of course) as it was originally written. In regards to the parodies, I think there are three important parts in the footage that have to be hit properly in order to produce maximum LOLZ. The first point is when Hitler tells half the people to leave the room. The second point is when Hitler removes his glasses. The third point is when the girl whispers to other girl in the hallway.

  2. I’ve been on trains in India. I’m surprised the death toll isn’t higher. I’d be interested to hear how many people die while on the train, not just run over by one. One I was in almost hit a fallen log. I didn’t find out until later when I woke up and we had stopped. It took a few hours to clear the rail. If we had hit it, I’m sure there would have been fatalities in the hundreds.

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