Erk Pod 290 – Erk is overstimulated!

Welcome to episode 290 of Erk Pod. On this episode, Erk is again recording the episode from his car. He reports that he is over stimulated. Find out about what happened when Erk’s Halloween costume was revealed for the first time to an unsuspecting Sydney public, what you can’t do at an ice skating rink, Channel Erk updates (including A Moment In Time) & a lot more.


Above – List of things you can’t do in an ice rink

Above – Opening segment of Wildside episode 1. Viewer discretion advised.

Erk Pod episode 290


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Duration: 65 minutes

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1 Comment

  1. I’ve gone ice skating once or twice. Didn’t fall, because I knew how to roller skate quite well, but wasn’t great at ice skating, for some reason. Your story about ice skating when you were ten was very cute. 🙂 I used to go roller skating at a place designed for that when I was much younger, and used to get in trouble because they said I was “speed skating”. lol .

    I’m enjoying the ambient noise in this episode, too.

    In answer to your question: “What is a personal shopper?” I think it’s the second idea you mentioned. Someone who is super important, and too busy to shop for his or her self actually hires a person to go do that for them.

    The Emma Dean cabaret show you described sounded really interesting! And I agree, she does have an amazing voice.

    And Yay for Erk being back on afternoon shifts! You sound a whole lot more energized in this episode than you have sounded lately.

    I somehow missed the entire Twitter conversation that you and Shawn were having regarding strip clubs! LOL!

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