Erk Pod 288 – Not As Long This Week!

Welcome to episode 288 of Erk Pod. Erk promises that this week’s episode will be nowhere as long as last week’s episode! There’s chatter & housekeeping as well as a bit of music. So how is Erk feeling this week?

MUSIC: Sincerely Fearful by Emma Dean, courtesy of SGC Media. (Check out the video for the song below. It is very funny!)

MUSIC: Echo Garden by Arthur Nasson, courtesy of Tijuana Gift Shop.

MUSIC: Get Your Body Close by Danielle deLaite, courtesy of Ariel Publicity.


Duration: 52 minutes

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  1. NaPodPoMo is a good time to try out new things. Hard to say if it’s really a good time to promote anything. Seems like over the last few years (and this year especially) people are producing more than listening. Which is inevitable, I guess.

    And yes – the simple, “I’m checking in, it’s Tuesday” types of ‘casts are stupid and I wish people didn’t do them. But, that’s how it goes. (Admittedly, I’ve done some of these over the years myself.)

  2. The song by Emma Dean is absolutely an earworm, I agree. Was nice to hear it, over and over again, as you were talking. That song is going to end up in my Inside My Head podcast eventually.

    Sorry to hear that your work hours have been messing around with you. 🙁 That’s no good at all. I swear, working those kinds of hours, that shift around all the time, is the same as having jet lag. (At least, that’s how I used to feel when my former place of employment did that to me).

    “Typeity -Type-Type-Type-Type”…. I love that description of how you did your writing! I found it very interesting to hear you describe what putting a book together with CreateSpace was like.

    As far as “NaNaPooPoo”, this year I decided to use it as an opportunity to make myself learn how to have guests on my show, as well as to learn how to edit double enders. Thank you, and Judy too, for helping me do that this November! And, as far as listening to all the NaPodPoMo shows… I am far behind, and it will take me a long time to catch up. And really, Erk, I think you do something involving podcasting every day, all year round, anyhow, (and not just in November). 😉

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