Erk FM 76 – James Kahu Interview

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Welcome to episode 76 of Erk FM which is an interview with singer/songwriter James Kahu. Erk is joined in the studio by his mum Judy who is the host of Judy’s Blast FM here on Channel Erk. It’s lucky for Erk because Judy knows more about guitar than Erk & James has an interesting style of playing his guitar. During the interview, we talk about playing guitar, New Zealand culture & more. James Kahu was originally played on Erk FM episode 38 (Left Handed Kiwis & Fatt Bullets FTW) & Erk FM episode 50 (Happy 50th Episode, Erk!) as well as having a video featured in the video section of this site.


Song list:

  • Sleep
  • Everything
  • Surf Love Drunk


[James Kahu website]

[James Kahu – Facebook]


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