Erk FM 109 – Cranking Rocktober!

Welcome to Erk FM episode 109. The rock music is cranking during Rocktober (October) this month on Erk FM! Music is supplied courtesy of Ariel Publicity & Deuce Management & Promotion (Emerald).


Song list:

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  1. I really liked “Girlfriend” by Icky’s Ego. I think I listened to that one three times!
    “Hotel Room” rocks! I like how it tells a story. It’s like a little movie.
    It was super exciting to hear not one, but two songs by Emerald in this episode!
    “Joanna At the Door” is just beautiful. I really enjoyed that song. Made me smile.
    This episode of ErkFM definitely Rocked “Rocktober”! 😀

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