Blast From The Past 80 – I Like 80!

Welcome to episode 80 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy do some housekeeping including Erk’s birthday, lots of button pushing, an elephant story & more. Feature artist this week is Sydneysider Molly Contogeorge who is a pianist as well as a singer/songwriter in the alternative pop, pop & jazz categories. And be warned, Judy’s on the buttons!


On this episode:

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  1. The mic stand I’m using is model PSA1 made by Rode. If you didn’t know, Rode is an Australian company. It even says, in big letters, “Made in Australia” on the side of the box. It’s a great boom mic stand, I really like and would definitely recommend it. Only problem I had was putting the shock mount together, but that isn’t the fault of Rode. That’s my fault because I tried to do it on the cheap and went with after-market parts. If I had just sucked it up and paid for the Rode shock mount, it would’ve been fine.

    Also, your new studio setup sounds sweet!

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