Erk Pod 274 – Erk is a bleep!

Welcome to episode 274 of Erk Pod. On this episode:

Duration: 79 minutes

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  1. The article about the 100 things list was really interesting! That is a wide variety of things he has selected. I think the only one’s you named that I have done include : catch a thief (in retail hell), act in a play (in high school), and maybe save a life, (if helping my bird after surgery counts), and jury duty (a few years ago).

    Wow! The woman is asking for Thirty seven million dollars because she was sexually harassed? Very interesting, how she came up with that figure. I’d like to hear if she won or lost her court case.

    Thanks for the update about the man who was assaulted at McDonalds, and drove while concussed. I’d been wondering about that one. I’d like to hear how that eventually ends up as well.

    The “helium voice” you did at the end of the show made me LOL! You sounded like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz! The bleep button, and the things you said when you were using it also made me LOL! That was fun to listen to the noises in that ap, and your comments about them. Such fun! Made me laugh a lot. 😀

  2. The article about the man who was shot driving himself to KFC is interesting. While we don’t know why he stopped at KFC it could well be that this visiting the KFC is something he normally does. It often happens that people when faced with terrible life changing events seem to pretend these things are not happening and try to go on with their lives normally. It’s a kind of protection mechanism from dealing with the terrible reality. We don’t know the detals but it’s quite possible the man was just trying to unconsciously pretend that he hadn’t been shot and that this was just a normal evening and so he stopped at Macdonalds.

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