Erk Pod 273 – Possums, Midget Pron Stars, Online Prison Escapees

Welcome to episode 273 of Erk Pod. On this episode:

Duration: 61 minutes

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  1. Did the article about the midget pron star say she was going by the name of “Bridget the Midget”? Seriously? LOL

    The article about the guy who escaped from prison, and then got on facebook… I nominate that for “Peanut of the Week”. I nominate the guy who escaped and was dumb enough to get on facebook, his mom who was housing him after his escape, and whomever it was at the prison who dropped the ball and allowed the guy to escape. The whole lot of them…..Peanut of the Week!

    The name of the town who keeps getting it’s sign stolen…. LOL! Who on earth named that one?

    “Earlier this month Klingon scholars went to the cave….” and I’m laughing too hard to hear the rest of the story. Klingon scholars? LOL LOL

    Thanks for including my feedback in your show. 😀

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