Blast From The Past 74 – Remember When…..

Welcome to episode 74 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy take a Jennymaid email and run with it, Erk hates Super Duper Early Mornings, Judy invents a new animal that has Erk very amused & a lot more. Feature artist on this episode is Ginny Peters from New Zealand courtesy of AirPlay Direct.


  • Erk & Judy remember when………
  • MUSIC: There’s No Good At Being Bad
  • MUSIC: As Long As The Road
  • From Jude’s Seat – Aesop’s Fable
  • MUSIC: That’s The Way Life Goes
  • MUSIC: Oleander Waltz
  • From Jude’s Seat – On The Lighter Side
  • MUSIC: The Journey
  • From Jude’s Seat – Expensive Drink
  • MUSIC: Beyond Vision
  • Knock knock? Judy went book shopping.
  • From Jude’s Seat – Trivia
  • MUSIC: Make Me One Promise
  • BED MUSIC: Doll’s House – Matt Stevens

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  1. My porn name would be Maxiboo Wakefield. 😉 LOL! That was a funny conversation.

    It was interesting to hear about the school uniforms that people used to have to wear. I only had to wear a school uniform one year, because I switched that year from a public school to a Catholic school. I was in seventh grade, so about twelve years old. Had to wear a mostly green plaid pleated skirt, white knee socks, a white button down shirt, and a sweater that was supposed to match one of the colors in the skirt. I did not miss this uniform when I went back to public school the next year.

    As far as what the teachers used to wear… the only time I’ve work high heals to teach was when I was doing student teaching, and also for some of the preliminary teaching work that I did before that. Our professor insisted upon it. As soon as I graduated, I stopped wearing heals to teach. Way too impractical!

    I liked the joke that starts with : “Life is like a doughnut….” That one made me laugh.

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