Erk Pod 269 – Trains, Feedback & 69ing

Welcome to episode 269 of Erk Pod. This is the feedback episode of Erk Pod for June 2010. Feedback is from Shawno & Jen from Gemini Dragon/Phantom Power Media, Scott from the Uncommon Sense Podcast, Trucker Tom from the Trucker Tom Podcast, Tim from Some Guys In A Car & Albert (who doesn’t have a podcast but loves listening to Erk Pod).

On this episode:

  • Erk’s on a train again
  • Why does Erk like the number 69 so much?
  • Housekeeping
  • Feedback
Duration: 117 minutes

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1 Comment

  1. Train noises! 😀 How lucky that it just so happened to be train number 69.

    You said that the number sixty nine “rolls off the tongue”…. made me LOL! The number 69 makes me think of that movie, “Bill and Ted’s Adventure”. “Sixty-nine, dude!”

    Sounds like you had a great time at karaoke! I’ve never been at one with a conga line, like you described.

    Thanks for reading my comments, and playing my comments.

    Albert’s voice mail comment was really interesting! He gave the whole history of Erk Pod. 😀

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