Insomnia Radio: Australia episode 3 is now available!

Erk’s new music podcast is Insomnia Radio: Australia. Joining the Insomnia Radio network of podcasts with several local variations, the show is designed to bring Australian indie & unsigned artists to the world’s attention. Episode 3 is now available for download. Visit my Insomnia Radio: Australia website to listen to all the episodes as well as read some artist profiles. Rest assured though that this podcast does not replace Erk FM which is still going strong and fast approaching episode 100!

At the moment, IR: Australia does not have a fixed release schedule as Erk settles in to the new website and a new way of doing things compared to his system here at Channel Erk. The show is not included in the Channel Erk 5 in 1 feed but Insomnia Radio also has a similar mega feed so you can subscribe to all the shows as well as the IR Daily Dose which is one song per day.

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