Erk Pod 265 – Drunken Parrots, Missing Monkeys & First Aid for Bird

Welcome to an action packed episode 265 of Erk Pod. On this episode:

Duration: 97 minutes

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  1. I can relate to the pizza company’s customer service call, with my job. I can’t say I’ve had one quite like that but I’ve had some that came close.

    Funny that the hospital sent the patient out for fast food. I don’t know if you could get an actual meal in an American hospital at 11PM. There’s usually vending machines, though.

  2. Thanks for playing my feedback haiku. 🙂

    The call about the pizza with no topping made me laugh!

    I cannot understand why the hospital that was out of food thought it would be a good idea to send a sick patient out into the world to go search for some food for himself. I mean, he was already sick, or else he wouldn’t have been in the hospital. What if something happened to him while he was out? I see a lawsuit in their future. I also do not understand what happened to make the hospital run out of food in the first place.

    You read a news article about “Jesus can’t walk on water”…. Funniest sentence I’ve heard on Erk Pod yet: “Jesus had to be decontaminated” LOL !

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