Blast From The Past 69 – Talking Dirty

Welcome to this very dirty episode of Blast From The Past. On this episode:


  • Judy’s Gardening Corner – New introduction from Shawno, there’s a voicemail from Scott who gives his tips regarding feeding your garden and Judy talks very dirty.
  • Feature Artist: Johnny Heap
  • MUSIC: Sleep My Lady
  • MUSIC: Sunday Afternoon & Country Music
  • Judy remembers Wallacia Hotel
  • From Jude’s Seat: Voting From The Grave
  • Judy & Erk talk some politics
  • MUSIC: A Room Full of Roses
  • MUSIC: Devil Woman
  • From Jude’s Seat: New Recruit
  • MUSIC: Behind Closed Doors
  • MUSIC: BJ the DJ
  • BED MUSIC: Airships – Matt Stevens


  1. I didn’t know that worms like newspaper! I learn something new every time I listen to Blast From The Past. 🙂

    I grew up near Chicago, so I’m never surprised when I hear a story about the dead voting. I’ve heard people say: “Vote early, and vote often!” and “Chicago: Where even the dead can vote!”

    I really liked the “A Room Full of Roses” song. But, I never want to actually experience walking into a room full of roses. The song was nice, though. 😀

    Judy, you don’t like Guinness? It’s my favorite beer!

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