Blast From The Past 67 – Back In The Old Days Quiz

Welcome to episode 67 of Blast From The Past. Join Erk and Judy as they talk about:



  1. So, Judy used to drink out of milkshake cups, in a park, when she was around age sixteen.
    I used to drink beer, out of the cans, at the parks when I was underage. Or, we would go to a fast food place, and get a large soda, (for the cup), and fill it part way, and then add rum or Jack Daniels into it. No one suspected. Some girls at my school used to start their day with a large soda that had alcohol in it, and they would share it with friends. Brings back memories!

    I look forward to hearing Ethan on a future episode of Blast From The Past.

    I remember 33 and 45 RPM records. One point for me! I guess that makes me “still young”, according to this quiz.
    But I think I’m older than Erk, and he scored higher than I did.

    I recognize the “Peaceful Easy Feeling” song, but I remember The Eagles singing it. Very nice song! And I like the song “Crazy” too, (but I can’t remember who I first heard sing that one).

    I got some LOLZ from Erk’s button pushing software, at the part where it sounded like the guy was cutting apart the rocking chair…. and then we heard a chain saw!

    “Peanut sniffer….” not…… LOL! That was a great news article.

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