Erk FM 91 – George Symth (Sounds of Ambience/Eclectic Mix podcasts) interview

Welcome to episode 91 of Erk FM. This is an interview episode with George Smyth, a fellow member of the Association of Music Podcasting. During this interview, we find out about George’s two music podcasts Sounds of Ambience &  Eclectic Mix. We find out what George does in his car with his music and podcasts. It’s quite old school but it works for him. Also, listen to Erk make an appearance on George’s other podcast, One Minute How To(episode 469). If you are after a short podcast with different guests and subject matter each episode, have a listen as George gives a guest one minute to explain how to do something.

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  1. That was interesting, hearing about George’s close brush with being a person who works on the radio at his college.

    I like his idea about doing a 30 minute show, just focusing on one artist, with about five songs from that artist, and information about where to find their website. I’ve started doing that a little bit on my podcast.

    It made me laugh when he said he still doesn’t have an mp3 player in his car, because I don’t either. My car radio is the one the car came with, which means it plays cassettes. He had a really unique solution about how to listen to podcasts while driving to work.

    The One Minute How To is a great idea! I will have to check that out sometime.

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