Erk Pod 257 – Ash, Barbie Cars, Cancer Meat, Pub Bans & more

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 257. In this episode:

Feature story – Volcanic ash disrupts worldwide travel industry. See videos and stories by clicking the links below.

Duration: 73 minutes

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  1. I like that Queensland is gonna have a civil war over timezones. I’ll root for whichever side has the most ‘roos.

    I’ve seen some signs at restaurants here in California that provide warnings about the supposed cancer-causing agents in certain meats. Whatever. Burgers taste good.

    I don’t know who should be responsible for stranded air passengers with this whole volcano business. I know I wouldn’t have the money to pay for extra multiple days away from home if I were stranded. Ultimately, if the airlines are gonna get government handouts due to airspace closures, then they should have to provide some reimbursement to travelers who got stuck having to cover unexpected expenses. That seems somewhat fair, at least.

  2. Interesting stories, about people changing accents or languages after having a migraine or coming out of a coma! I wonder if that happened to me if I would lose my English, and start speaking entirely in Spanish? I wonder if the person who now speaks German instead of her native Croatian could still write or type in Croatian? Fascinating!

    So wait… what, exactly is causing the cancer from cooked meat? Is it the denatured protein from cooking it? Is it the substance the meat has been cooked in? Is this somehow caused from the charred parts of the meat, but not the rest? I’m confused. I tend to prefer undercooked meat that is so rare that it’s still bleeding. Which, I’m told, can cause a person to get food poisoning, pick up parasites, or even “mad cow disease”. So far, I’m fine. I’m sure you will be fine too.

    The first time somebody tried to hand me a copy of “The Watchtower” I thought the magazine must have something to do with Jimmy Hendrix. Imagine my disappointment! 😉

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