Erk Pod 254 – Books, Beer and Boobs

Welcome to episode 254 of Erk Pod. Again recorded from his train, Erk talked about the following (and more) on this episode.

Duration: 85 minutes

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  1. Good luck with the new book project! Sounds like you’re tearing it up so far.

    And that Millennium train sounds like a fancy train. Also, when are people going to realize that women flashing their breasts isn’t a public nuisance but a public service? Speaking of which, I think I need to go do a Flickr search for “Portland Maine protest.”

  2. I agree, the train you are driving while recording the start of this episode sounds much quieter than the train you were on later in this episode. It was cool to hear about the differences between this train and other trains you drive, and stuff like that. I love the idea of turning the train into a podcasting studio! 😀

    Yay for train noises! 😀

    You are writing a book! How exciting! 😀 I would love to read it, sometime. Let me know if you need any advice/help/etc. I’ve never used the “writing nook” thing, but I’m glad to hear it’s working for you.

    I am a fan of Echo Romeo Kilo, but right now I have fallen behind. So, if you stopped doing that one for a little bit… well, I might catch up by then.

    And I will be sending you a voicemail/mp3 about stuff from this episode. 😀

  3. Hi Erk,

    I herd the extra bit at the end of this episode – but then I listen to every second of every Erkpod episode! What do I win?

    I really enjoyed the episodes where you are driving the train with the sounds in the background. It’s kinda like a cross between Erkpod and Echo. Love it!

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