Blast From The Past 57 – Erk & Judy go in the car to see Craig Morrison

Welcome to episode 57 of Blast From The Past. In this episode, Erk & Judy go out in the car to see country singer Craig Morrison. On the way out there, we talk about the local area that we are driving through. Then there is a little surprise during the performance. Afterwards, we talk about the performance.


  1. Blast From the Past meets Echo Romeo Kilo! Awesome!

    I could just about see the things Judy was describing while you were driving. Great descriptions.
    It was also nice to hear Erk and Judy singing. I know that song! Haven’t heard that one in a while.

    Sounds to me like you had a great time out, listening to Country Music.

    What’s a “tinny”? I’ve not heard of that one.

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