Erk Pod 250 – Cut, Cut, Cut! Bloopers!

Welcome to episode 250 of Erk Pod. This is a mini celebration of another milestone for Erk Pod. Erk has been a little serious lately on Erk Pod so here is a very lighthearted episode. Erk is joined by his mum (and fellow Channel Erk host) Judy for this episode. There is some housekeeping and then we listen to various bloopers from across Channel Erk.

Duration: 73 minutes

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  1. Yay, 250! 😀 That’s a lot of podcasting!

    In reference to your conversation about Celtic music: It’s pronounced “Kell Tick”. And yes, there are Irish bagpipers as well as Scottish bagpipers. In general, Scottish bagpipes have a red plaid pattern, and Irish bagpipes have a green plaid pattern. There are traditional Scottish songs played on bagpipes, and well as traditional Irish songs played on bagpipes. My sister used to play the bagpipes in a Scottish marching band, and I learned all this from her.

    I just subscribed to Judy’s Blast FM. Don’t know how I managed to miss that. Fixed now! I also subscribed to Dead Hunt. Can’t wait to hear both of those! 😀

    This was such a fun show to listen to! Made me laugh, a lot. 😀

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