Erk FM 81 – Mellow Yellow

Welcome to episode 81 of Erk FM. It is time to reduce the tempo a bit so relax with these tunes from Deuce Management & Promotion. Do you remember Mellow Yellow?


Song list:

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  1. I remember the Mellow Yellow drink! My mom used to drink it a long time ago. I haven’t seen any Mellow Yellow since I moved to California, but I remember it being in all the grocery stores in Illinois several years ago. I also remember that I am highly allergic to Mellow Yellow. I don’t recall what all the ingredients are, but I am guessing that it has a high citric acid content. I break out in red bumpy spots after a few sips of Mellow Yellow.

    I’m certainly not allergic to this episode of Erk FM. This was a lovely mellow episode to chill out to. Very nice!

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