Blast From The Past 53a – A Conversation With Cherie (part 1)

Welcome to episode 53a of Blast From The Past. Episode 53a? What?

That’s right, this episode of Blast has been delivered in 2 slices as Erk & Judy have a chat with Cherie from the CherieCast. During this wide ranging conversation celebrating 1 year of Blast From The Past, Erk, Judy & Cherie chat about a range of topics including Erk’s trip to America, the difference between Australian and American words and a lot more. It is just as much of a catch up and a review of this podcast over the last 12 months as it is about the conversation. Cherie has been a real inspiration to Judy and her podcasting and we find out how far Judy has come since the last time Cherie was on the show (episode 9).

Even though the CherieCast is on a hiatus, her story is still amazing.

Don’t forget to check out episode 53b next week!


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