Blast From The Past 51 – Feedback VIII

Welcome to episode 51 of Blast From The Past. Once again, Erk and Judy dive into the feedback machine and have feedback from Ian, Dave, Jennymaid, Shawno & Jen. As always with these feedback shows, there is a little bit of current day talk about what is going on as well as preparations for the 1st Birthday Celebration show next weekend (episode 52) along with the feedback and various bits of Erk & Judy banter.

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions, and making the phrases “Bob’s Your Uncle” and “tittle tattle” more understandable for me. From your description, I think what you call “capsican” is what I call a “green pepper”, or “red pepper” or “yellow pepper”. I happen to prefer them raw, but that’s just me. I hope we are talking about the same thing!

    In answer to your question, yes, a big reason why I am starting to like Christmas is because I don’t have to put up with the insane crowds at the bookstore I no longer work in. Having a nephew nearby, and a niece and nephew far away also makes Christmas more fun. You are right about that.

    Judy, in answer to your comment, I have yet to figure out how to record an interview with anyone for my Inside My Head show. I need time to play around with things and learn that. Once I do, I would love to interview you on my show. I’ll let you know whenever I figure out the tech behind that.

    Also, in regards to NaPodPoMo…. good point, you and Erk pretty much do at least one podcast every day as it is. You don’t need NaPodPoMo! 😉 In answer to your other question, yes, the Spanking Bea Arthur show is still going on. It wasn’t just for NaPodPoMo.

    I am so sorry to hear about your little Corgi. Poor little guy 🙁 I completely understand why you hate flies so much, Judy.

    Great show!

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