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Erk FM: Australia

Erk FM: Australia 454 – Stringing Along The Neighbourly Love

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 454. Erk is preparing to head overseas to Overseasland but never fear, there is going to be a range of Australian music for you to enjoy each & every Friday on Erk FM: Australia. The episode starts with a musical neighbour of Erk & continues until the end.



All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.



Song list (all times are approximate):

  • 02:12 – Perspective – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 05:35 – Little Stone’s Throw  – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 10:10 – Hell For Leather – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 14:40 – Laurie & Margaret  – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 18:25 – Goodbye Goodluck Goodnight  – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 21:27 – My Imagination – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 24:12 – Surround Me With Trees – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 27:35 – Never Tell Another Lie – Rachel Dillon (AirPlay Direct)
  • 32:05 – Still I’m Sad – The Naddiks (AirPlay Direct)
  • 38:06 – Strange –  The Naddiks (AirPlay Direct)
  • 40:47 – Rag Top  – The Naddiks (AirPlay Direct)
  • 44:29 – High Open Hills – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 50:10 – In Anybody’s Language – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 55:39 – Angela – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 57:35 – Glutton – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:02:18 – Children – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:07:46 – Featherweight – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:11:25 – Love I Found A Flood – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:16:13 – You Say So Many Things – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:20:28 – Lady Luck – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:25:27 – The Summer They Slept Under The Pine – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)s
  • 01:31:00 – Drawn To You – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:37:04 – Sinking Like A Stone – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)
  • 01:40:25 – Ain’t No Healer – Liz Stringer (AirPlay Direct)


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Erk To The Penalty Box

Erk To The Penalty Box 001 – Winterhawks Game 1 (Arena Announcer Sean Norris Interview)

Welcome to episode 1 of Erk To The Penalty Box. This episode is the start of a longer conversation recorded early in 2014 after Erk visited Portland in the Pacific Northwest. Introduced to the game of hockey in the Western Hockey League, Erk saw 3 games that weekend and was totally hooked after that. At the end of a nice few days, Erk chats with the Portland Winterhawks Arena Announcer Sean “The Pipes” Norris about hockey, announcing, Portland, the Winterhawks and more.


National Anthem – Performed by a US Army band.


1st Period:

  • Erk & Sean recount how they met
  • Has Sean been imported from somewhere else like most other Portland residents are?
  • Snowbirds heading south for the winter
  • What brings Sean to the Pacific Northwest?
  • Does Sean consider him a local now?
  • How did Sean discover hockey in the first place?
  • How did Sean become the Winterhawks arena announcer?



1st Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni! (from Playoff Fever)
  • The Hockey Song (from Playoff Fever)
  • Greatest Season (from Chippy Season)
  • Channel Erk Promo: Erk Pod 


2nd Period:

  • It’s decision time for Sean’s audition
  • Announcer Idol?
  • Giving Sean the good news
  • Sean’s first game in the hot seat
  • Fan Feedback
  • How to say the names of players
  • WHL imported players
  • Where are the Winterhawks players from?
  • Canadian people don’t speak American
  • Sean moves Moose Jaw into Alberta (and later apologizes to both of his Moose Jaw fans)
  • Overview of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
  • There’s lots of Canadians playing for the Winterhawks


2nd Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni! (from Playoff Fever)
  • Zamboni Drivers’ Local Union (from More Songs About Hockey)
  • Hockey Week  (from More Songs About Hockey)
  • Channel Erk Promo: Erk To The White Courtesy Phone


3rd Period:

  • How does the WHL and the Winterhawks fit in with the NHL?
  • Are WHL players ready to play in the NHL?
  • What is a Winterhawk?
  • Why does the Winterhawks jersey look like the Chicago Blackhawks jersey?
  • Changing names and logos when the times change
  • The Winterhawks and the local sporting community
  • Where do the Winterhawks play?
  • Fan base demographics within Portland
  • Twelve hundred dollars?
  • Do the different fans cross over betweeen local sports?


Post Game:


All intermission music supplied by The Zambonis & used with permission. Post Game music supplied by Smokin’ Mirrors, a rock band from the NSW Central Coast. Hear a lot more independent & unsigned music like this on Erk FM: Australia every Friday.  […]

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Erk Pod

Erk Pod 480 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 24 – Erk V New York

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 480. Erk has now arrived in New York & it is one of Erk’s favourite cities in the world. It was a tough decision to leave it off the original plan but Erk changed his mind. Thankfully, Erk did change his mind. It will only be a short visit, though. Compared to last year’s visit, Erk is more used to the colder, snowier weather in New York this time.


Erk also found out why it is not a good idea to allow people to volunteer to take his photo.  […]

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Erk FM: International

Erk FM: International 453 – Erk’s Going On A Mystery Train

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 453. Erk is preparing to head overseas again but the music continues here on Erk FM: International. All music on this episode supplied by AirPlay Direct.



The episode starts with Molly Tuttle & John Mailander. Going to the same music college in Boston, they are much younger than many people who play Americana and bluegrass music. However as Erk has often said on Erk FM, if you are good enough, you are old enough.


Song list:

  • Another Side/Tell Me
  • Morning Morgantown
  • Moonshiner
  • I’m Over You
  • Red Prairie Dawn.


The episode concludes with a Florida based bluegrass/acoustic roots band called Trinity River Band. They are a family based band who started playing together in churches before hitting the road & touring around America.


Song list:

  • Better Than Blue
  • A Sinner’s Prayer
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • My Heart Will Find Its Way To You
  • Willie & Mary
  • Barefoot Breakdown
  • Pure Poison
  • Faithless Heart
  • Daddy’s Hands
  • Steel & Blood
  • I’ll Love You Just The Same
  • Mystery Train


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Erk To The Penalty Box

Erk To The White Courtesy Phone Preview 002 – New Media Expo

Welcome to Erk To The White Courtesy Phone Preview episode 2. Originally recorded at New Media Expo in Vegas in January 2014, this episode in part inspired Erk to create the Erk To The White Courtesy Phone podcast, not that he knew it at the time. This episode will also appear on the new Erk To The Penalty Box podcast feed. […]

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Erk To The Penalty Box

Match Report – Sydney Ice Dogs v Newcastle North Stars, Sunday May 25 2014

Preparations for a hockey game at any level can be intense. But what happens when something totally out of your control happens on game day? Within the final 2 hours before the puck was due to drop between the Sydney Ice Dogs and the Newcastle North Stars, a bus brakedown on the NSW Central Coast has derailed Newcastle’s day and seen the match postponed. This report was originally written for Hewitt Sports. […]