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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 62 – Housekeeping VI, Army Days IV

Welcome to episode 62 of Blast From The Past. Judy is flying solo again this week. On this episode, Judy does some housekeeping. She talks about going to see her favourite doctor, her garden, going to the dentist and the Channel Erk Facebook page. There’s an easy to remember address now – (there will be links of course on all of the show notes).

To continue some of the social times of Judy’s employment working for the Australian Army, she talks about doing to an island in the middle of the Hawkesbury River near the township of Brooklyn called Dangar Island (often mis-spoken as Danger Island).

MUSIC: Sprig of Rosemary – The Dakotas (AirPlay Direct)

MUSIC: Private Island – Sugar Fix (Podsafe Music Network)

BED MUSIC: Islands of Dreams & Hope by Dreamweaver (Podsafe Music Network)

TRADITIONAL MILITARY MUSIC: The Last Post & Reveille […]

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Erk FM

Erk FM 78 – ANZAC Special

Welcome to episode 78 of Erk FM. This is a special episode of Erk FM remembering ANZAC Day that is on Sunday. ANZAC Day commemorates the day that Australia and New Zealand landed at Gallipoli in Turkey and started their joint involvement in World War I. […]

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Erk FM

Erk FM 86 – Wil Denyes Interview

Welcome to another interview conducted by Erk & Judy. Today’s interviewee is Wil Denyes who is a singer/songwriter from New York City. During this interview, find out what it is like to have a sell out show because the Fire Department says that the venue is full, what it is like to be a background performer and then discovering that you can sing and be a front line performer & a lot more. […]