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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 51 – Feedback VIII

Welcome to episode 51 of Blast From The Past. Once again, Erk and Judy dive into the feedback machine and have feedback from Ian, Dave, Jennymaid, Shawno & Jen. As always with these feedback shows, there is a little bit of current day talk about what is going on as well as preparations for the 1st Birthday Celebration show next weekend (episode 52) along with the feedback and various bits of Erk & Judy banter. […]

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Erk FM

Erk FM 57 – Australia Day

Welcome to episode 57 of Erk FM. Welcome to an Australian special on Erk FM. Music from Deuce Management & Promotion, Ariel Publicity, Press Here Publicity. Previous Australian episodes of Erk FM have been episode 8, episode 10, episode 21 & episode 46. […]

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Judy's Blast FM

Judy’s Blast FM 29 – Barry Holmes & Country Express

Welcome to episode 29 of Judy’s Blast FM. On this episode, Judy features some good old Australian Country Music as she gets back to her roots. Featured is a singer she knows personally, Barry Holmes. Judy was very happy that Erk put her onto AirPlay Direct, especially after Judy found this band. All music for this episode supplied by AirPlay Direct. […]

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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past 50 – A Golden Episode

Welcome to episode 50 of Blast From The Past! We made it! This massive episode is an epic one as Erk and Judy are joined by Robert Wagner and Sabrina Miller from Portland Sucks &

During the episode, we find out how far Blast has come, talk about what is going on with, talk some Australian, find out about how Robert feels about being called a peanut and a lot more. Sit back, relax and prepare to laugh!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Blast in one way or either including being on the show, commenting/giving feedback or by merely listening. We hope you have enjoyed the first 50 episodes with many more to come.

The celebrations haven’t stopped there, however! In a couple of weeks, we’ll be celebrating the physical first birthday of Blast and that show will be awesome as well!

MUSIC: “Judy’s Got A Stick Shift” by The Hot Rods. This song is the theme for Blast From The Past.

[Portland Sucks]


[Follow Robert on Twitter – @pdxsucks]

[Follow Sabrina on Twitter @sabrina_pdx] […]