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Blast From The Past

Channel Erk Special Announcement Episode – New Subscriptions & New Website #mevioluxury

This special episode gives you an update of what is happening around Channel Erk with the podcasts resuming today (Monday 06 February 2012) commencing with Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19. If you listen to this via a show subscription for an individual show or the Channel Erk Mega Feed, you will continue to receive regular episodes. See the website for more details. […]

Channel Erk

Changes To iTunes Subscriptions

Due to changes in Erk’s audio host, iTunes subscriptions for all Channel Erk shows might not work. Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 18 is the first show to be released on the new audio host & Erk has his fingers crossed that it will appear on iTunes as normal (albeit delayed). If it does not work, iTunes subscriptions may have to be changed. Stay tuned. […]

Channel Erk

Changes To Podcast Subscriptions

Due to Erk’s audio host going off-line without warning over the weekend of 28-29 January 2012, the current subscriptions have been interrupted because new episodes can not get to iTunes or other podcatchers. At this stage, it is possible but not confirmed that the current iTunes links will work. The current RSS feeds WILL NOT WORK. New feeds will be advertised & placed on the front page of the website. Links on other pages should be treated as dead. New RSS feeds for Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk FM: Extra, Erk FM: International & Erk FM: Australia are available from the front page of the website. […]

Channel Erk

No New Episodes This Week (30 January – 04 February)

Due to Erk needing to change audio hosts, there will be no new podcasts this week after Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 18. Erk needs to concentrate on setting up new feeds & uploading recent audio this week. This has happened at short notice (no warning). It is expected that Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19 on Monday 06 February 2012 will be the next new episode. […]

Channel Erk

Things Went Pear Shaped

Things went pear shaped over the weekend of 28/29 January 2012. Without warning from Erk’s audio host, Erk (and many other podcasters) were unable to upload content for an extended period. As a result, new episodes including Erk FM: Metal Monday 18, Erk FM: International 213 or Erk FM: Australia 214 were unable to be uploaded or downloaded. While Erk changes hosts, there will be no new episodes this week (Monday 30 January until at least Friday 04 February) apart from Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 18. […]

Channel Erk

Channel Erk Special – Erk On Podcasting Passion

Welcome to a special presentation where Erk was a special guest on a new podcast about podcasting called Podcasting Passion. Podcasting Passion is a podcast aimed at other podcasters to help improve their show. Hosted by Max Flight from the Airplane Geeks podcast, we spent an hour talking about Channel Erk, podcasting and a lot more. It is great to be on someone else’s show for a change having someone else asking the questions. […]

Channel Erk

Support the local music scene with some Deadman merchandise in a huge range of black!

Looking for quality alternative clothing? Look no further than Deadman Industries! Supporting the western Sydney alternative & metal scenes, deal with a local directly, avoiding the associated extra costs. If you see a shirt or other piece of clothing at a gig that you like, save yourself some time & postage! If Deadman can outfit Foundry Road’s frontman eXplain, he can set you up with something hot, too. DISCLAIMER: Deadman Industries do not support suicide, assisted or otherwise. […]

Channel Erk

Hear Erk FM on Traxx Radio

Traxx Radio is an Australian based internet radio station (based in Brisbane) dedicated to showcasing indie music. Erk FM can be heard on Traxx as a part of streaming programming along with other music podcasts & other programs.
Episode times (Brisbane): Latest: Fridays at 6am & 8pm. Archive: Saturdays at 6am & 8pm […]

Channel Erk

Listen to great Australian music hosted by Erk on Insomnia Radio: Australia

Insomnia Radio: Australia is a podcast hosted by Erk on a monthly basis & is dedicated to Australian music. A separate program to Erk FM, IR: Australia is the Australian representative of a worldwide suite of music podcasts based on a city, region or country. While the show was on a hiatus for the second half of 2011, it is back with an episode shared with Erk FM. There will be new episodes coming in monthly from January 2012. […]