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Erk To The Penalty Box 015 – AIHL Week 1/2015

Welcome to episode 15 of Erk To The Penalty Box. Erk is back with a slightly new format & focusing weekly on the Australian Ice Hockey League. On this episode, Erk looks at week 1 of the league, Saturday April 25 & Sunday April 26.



  • Ice defeated Ice Dogs 7-1
  • North Stars defeated Adrenaline 6-4
  • Brave defeated Bears 4-2


  • Mustangs defeated Ice Dogs 13-0
  • Adrenaline defeated Bears 5-3
  • North Stars defeated Brave 7-4




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Erk To The Penalty Box

Match Report – Sydney Ice Dogs v Newcastle North Stars, Sunday May 25 2014

Preparations for a hockey game at any level can be intense. But what happens when something totally out of your control happens on game day? Within the final 2 hours before the puck was due to drop between the Sydney Ice Dogs and the Newcastle North Stars, a bus brakedown on the NSW Central Coast has derailed Newcastle’s day and seen the match postponed. This report was originally written for Hewitt Sports. […]

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Erk To The Penalty Box

Behind The Glass – Melbourne Comes To Town

Returning home from Perth, Erk had seen a lot of Australia very quickly. Online, he was meeting a lot of AIHL fans on Facebook and Twitter. An online question about jerseys saw me connecting with Sydney Bears back-up goal tender Luke Read. Meeting more Sydney Bears fans online and also not having access to a live stream, I decided to see both Melbourne teams play the Sydney Bears at the Sydney Ice Arena.

On Saturday, the Melbourne Mustangs would be the Bears first opponent. Sunday would see the Melbourne Ice play the Bears. If I decided to see the Mustangs on Saturday and follow them to Liverpool Catholic Club on Sunday, I would have missed out on seeing the Melbourne Ice. I decided that the hockey community would be well served by several people tweeting the games at Liverpool as well as a live stream. At the Bearsdome, I would be a vital link with the outside world. […]

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Erk To The Penalty Box

Behind The Glass – Discovering The AIHL

In my second Behind The Glass article originally written for the AIHL website, Erk writes about discovering the Australian Ice Hockey League.

Starting my love affair with hockey in America via the Portland Winterhawks & the WHL was one thing. How would I cope once I returned home to Australia & my real life resumed at the end of February?

Like most holiday romances, it could be easy to let the feelings subside. With the aid of the internet, it was still possible for me to get some sort of fix. I was able to hear live Winterhawks games via a live stream and the timings have usually been good for me. I was glad that I was able to keep in touch as the team marched to the playoffs. Being a long distance fan is a story for another time.

One of the things that attracted me to hockey was the feeling of being at a live game. Being back home in Australia meant that being at a WHL or NHL game was out of the question. We have ice skating rinks and I know a couple of ice skaters. There must be a local competition where I can see the puck fly, live! […]